Thirteen-year-old Lab with Arthritis

Zach, my thirteen-year-old Labrador mix, loves hydrotherapy! He returns home happy, stronger and his arthritic body much less stiff after his “water-walk” and exercises. In his youth, Zach was an incredibly athletic dog. However, due to hip dysplasia he has developed arthritis, bone spurs and a very weak hind end. Without a doubt, hydrotherapy has kept his joints “oiled” so that he can still move relatively easily and his hindquarters are strong enough so that he can still stand. Without this strength, his weight would be too much and even his basic care would be difficult. One of his regular veterinarians commented that from what she has witnessed hydrotherapy produces the best therapeutic results for arthritis in dogs . And Zach is happy. And as fellow dog owners know – Zach’s happy! I’m happy!

– Gail

Hydrotherapy for Degenerative Myelopathy

Cisco is a retired therapy dog, my personal companion for all of his 11 years and the most wonderful being imaginable. At age 9 years he began showing signs of degenerative myelopathy, a degenerative condition for which traditional veterinary medicine offers no treatment. Dr. Sosna and the Animal Rehabilitation Center has improved his condition and continuously offers help to keep his condition optimal. They gave him a careful assessment and careful monitoring of progress, showing an increase in strength and stability of his legs. I appreciate the scientific and professional approach with a heart-felt devotion to dogs.

Cisco continues to go to work with me every day where he calms and cheers people and PLAYS with kids. I couldn’t be more grateful or relieved to have the AARC and would highly recommend it to any animal owner who wishes to increase the strength of or rehabilitate his or her pet.

– Elaine Litton

Recovery from Orthopedic and Neurologic Surgical Procedures

Physical therapy is a vitally important part of recovery from most orthopedic and neurologic surgical procedures. Studies have shown that animals receiving post-operative physical therapy not only healed and returned to function faster, but were more comfortable during the recovery period than those who did not get therapy. Animals with extensive soft tissue injuries, as well as older pets with chronic arthritic conditions, can also benefit from physical therapy.

Dr. Claire Sosna incorporates a variety of therapeutic and rehabilitative techniques to help my post-operative patients. I can always tell, at recheck, who has been seeing her and who has not! I am impressed with her knowledge of rehabilitative therapy and feel very comfortable that my patients are in good hands with her and her staff. I have had only positive feedback from the clients I have referred to her; I can measure the positive feedback from the pets by how well they do! I consider Dr. Claire Sosna to be a partner in helping my patients achieve a good recovery, and look forward to a continuing relationship with her and her staff.”

– Holly S. Mullen, DVM, Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Rehabilitation For a Torn Cruciate Ligament

My 9 year old Aussie, Winnie, was diagnosed with a torn ACL in her knee. The orthopedist said surgery was recommended and that the alternative approaches weren’t that effective with the larger dogs. Rather than put Winnie (and me!) through that ordeal, I opted to try working with Dr. Claire Sosna with a reevaluation after 2 to 3 months. Starting in the first week of February, Winnie was in hydrotherapy twice a week with physical therapy afterwards. I also did physical therapy exercises with her daily at home. Winnie looked forward to her workouts for the treats! There was a steady improvement within the first month. There was a tremendous improvement in less than 2 months. In less than 3 months she was 85-90% better! I couldn’t have been more pleased. In all, Winnie had sessions two times a week moving to one time a week and finally every other week. It is now July 1 and we have 5 more alternate week sessions. Winnie also took herbs, initially, for pain and supplements in yummy pill pockets, all recommended by Dr. Claire. In less than 6 months, with 1/2 the cost of surgery and none of the pain, Winnie is able to resume all of her activities. We couldn’t be happier. Everyone at the Animal Acupuncture & Rehab Center has been gracious and loving and I would always recommend getting Dr. Claire’s opinion before putting a pet through surgery.

– Pat Zanoni (and Winnie!)

TPLO Rehabilitation

“Thank you so much for our wonderful work with Katie following her knee surgery. I now have a dog who is back to prancing on walks and racing with her buddies at the dog park. Not only has her leg strengthened and grown muscular again, but her endurance has soared. All this in only two months! It’s a great joy to have my Amazon queen back. I appreciate your part in making that happen.”

– Caron and Katie

Intervertebral Disk Herniation Acupuncture Treatment

“Starting several years ago…I brought Chippie to you…he had been a week in extreme pain from a blown disk and nothing was helping, not pain patches or pills would give him relief. Because I never believed in acupuncture, actually, I was surprised and Chip grateful that by that evening he was pain free for the first time in a week…I brought him back again when he lost the use of both his back legs and his front feet would curl under…and like the times before you were able to help him when nobody else could. Your suggestions on nutrition and water therapy helped him little by little get his strength back in his legs. Now with medication Chip is a healthy and active little boy…Chip says THANK YOU VERY MUCH and so do I.”

– Lynn and Chippie

Underwater Treadmill for Elbow Dysplasia, Cranial Cruciate Injuries, and Arthritis

My dog, Tosha, has arthritis in multiple joints. She has difficulty getting up and walking for any distance. We thought we had exhausted all treatment options for Tosha’s pain, stiffness, and weakness until we started using the underwater treadmill.

We have seen a tremendous improvement in Tosha’s flexibility, strength, functional abilities and behavior with the underwater treadmill. The change has been unlike anything else we have attempted to decrease her pain, stiffness and loss of muscle mass.

Her quality of life has improved significantly. She can, once again, enjoy
walks in the park, playing with her toys and she is even interested in socializing more with other dogs.

– Danielle Robbins, MSPT

Spinal Tumor and Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture truly was a life extender for [Beijing] after being diagnosed with an inoperable spinal cord tumor in early ’99. Without your care he would not have been able to maintain the quality of life he had these last 4 and 1/2 years!

– Lori

Arthritis and Underwater Treadmill Treatment

“Today…I said goodbye to my beloved friend of 14 years…I want to let you know how grateful I am to you…I believe treadmill days were some of the most fun days of his later life…I’ll never forget his puppy like playfulness when he would get off the treadmill. He even tried to take off once! And the raw food diet. I’m not sure if it had time to benefit him physically, but he sure seemed to love it. I wish that I had discovered it sooner.”

– Shari

Arthritis and Liver Tumors treated with Acupuncture and Herbs (in addition to conventional medicine)

“I’m in heaven now, and God promised he’d mail this for me because He knew how important it was for me to thank my special friends. You were my friends for a long time, and your care let me stay longer with my mom than anyone thought possible. The acupuncture treatments let me play every day in the lower yard, my favorite place to scavenge for tomatoes, and the herbs helped my liver so those bad tumors would leave me alone. I was pretty old…14 and a half…and no one could believe I lived so long. I couldn’t have without your treatments. Thank you for everything…”

– Blue and Rene

Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia

“When my Shih Tzu, Tasha, was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia about 15 months ago, she was having progressively worsening problems with walking, keeping her footing, and going up and down steps. After six months of weekly aqua-therapy at AARC, along with a regimen of Chinese herbs and nutrients prescribed by Dr. Sosna, Tasha’s problems had virtually disappeared. Her therapy sessions were scaled back to twice a month for maintenance, and now, a year later, she’s peppy and playful and continues to do just great. People are amazed when they learn that she’s 15 years old! Thank you so much, AARC!”

– Karen and Tasha